One-Month-Old w/ Wierd Stools

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by capriola-nd, Jun 20, 2010.

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    I have a one-month-old kid with kind of light green runny poops. I have given him Probiotics, Kao-Pectate (6cc at first then another 3cc an hour later), and 2cc Albon. He is not acting off really - maybe a touch off but I'm hoping I caught this early. I looked in the homeopathic book for goats and they recommended Aconite which I gave a dose of 30c, I'm hoping he got at least three of those five pellets. :roll:

    I noticed it was a little firmer an hour after the Probiotics, Kao-Pectate, and Albon but it's still an odd green color. I've never had a kid with this before so am a bit at a loss. It would be a bacterial infection, probably right? I need to get a temp and will do so in a few.

    The poop doesn't smell really bad. Further suggestions? The only antibiotics I have are Bio-Mycin and LA-200. I should have a good one for bacterial infections but unfortunately I don't. What's the best antibiotic for that type of problem?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Olivia...since you started him on the Albon, finish the course, you gave 2cc...does he weigh 10#? If so then he'll get 1cc for the next 4 days. Get his temp, even if normal now, check again in a few hours, any infection including cocci can cause them to suddenly run a fever.
    Not sure of the antibiotics, all I've ever used has been PenG.

    At 4 weeks, I'm betting that he's discovering that green pasture is yummy and he possibly over indulged. Make sure he stays hydrated, it's hard to force a 4 week old to drink something other than milk but try and see if he'll take some gatorade or electrolytes...even without a temp, diarrhea can cause dehydration.

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    Definitely continue with the Albon.. If you're using actual name-brand Albon, you might look into getting a product called Di-Methox.. It's generic Albon, and much cheaper. We use the 40% injectable as a drench @ 1ml/15lbs of bodyweight.. They also make a 12.5% oral solution that you drench undiluted @ 1ml/5lbs.

    We've seen evidence of scouring at about that same age, and we've got all our kids this year on a Di-Methox coccidia prevention program. We usually just make sure it's green, not super foul, and that the kid is acting more or less normally... If all that's in check, it's almost certainly dietary...they're exploring the world, trying new and exciting things, and basically everything in the field is TACO BELL to them; they're gonna get the squirts. lol

    If it turns to more of a brown color, has a lot of mucous in it, or becomes foul smelling, that's when I'd suspect there might be a bacterial component to the whole thing. At that point, Scour Halt/ScourCheck (Spectinomycin) and/or Neomycin oral solution are probably in order.
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    How is he doing today...Olivia? :hug:
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    Thanks for the tips. I was worried that it was such a light color. Never seen light green poop like that before. I didn't want it to be a bacterial infection and me not realize it in time. . .

    He is doing much better. In fact I see him out playing right now with his siblings, running and jumping around. His poop is still that light green color but much, much firmer today. Not pellets yet but definitely formed. His temp yesterday was normal, 103.5 -- didn't check it yet today since he's looking so much better.

    Thanks all! :)
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    Sounds like... he is doing better...that is terrific news... :thumb:
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    good job! sounds like he'll be back to normal soon.