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    Dec 1, 2008
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    We went to band a 8 week old buck today and he only has 1 nut. This is our first time banding since all have had new home to go to when it was time . With only 1 I assume his potential to bred it slight . I still would not chance him in with open does . Do I band the one? Do I wait longer ? Did I wait to long ? What do I do?
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    He might of sucked up a nut....sometimes it is hard to get it down....but may be able to push it pushing on the belly.....above where the sack is.. it may pop out you can get a hold of it...... you need both testies to band properly ...if he has that hidden nut... he can breed........2 months isn't to late ...sometimes I band at 3 months old.....If you cannot find it..I suggest taking him to the vet and have them check it out.... :wink:

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    I would not band him until you can find them both. Feel and see if you can feel just a lttle of it and try to pull it down.
    I thing I would suck it up also if I could :shocked:
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    Oct 26, 2008
    If he truly has only one stone descended then he is a cryptorchid.

    My chaplin was a cryptorchid.

    Generally speaking most testicles will be descended at birth, and if one or both havent descended by two months you can pretty much assume they are not coming down.

    You have a few options with cryptorchids, and it depends on the end use/purpose of the animal.

    You can choose to band the available testicle, and leave the other one wherever it is. If you choose this method, you CANNOT risk housing him with does, because sometimes the other testicle, even if it is up in the warm body, can be fertile. You also CANNOT sell him as a pet without telling the person, because often retained testicles become cancerous later in life, and this is something the pet owner needs to be aware and accepting of. The best scenario here would be to grow him out for slaughter.

    If he is wanted as a pet, surgical castration is the only real option, given the tendency of the retained testicle to become cancerous. There are three main places the testicle will be: at the top of the scrotum, down the inside of the leg or up near the kidney. In my experience (I've had a fair few cryptorchids come through the feedlot) the most common place is up near the kidney, second would be above the scrotum, I've never seen one on the inside of the leg but my vet tells me it is the third place they will be found.

    Surgery can be extensive depending on where the testicle is retained. If it is near the scrotum or on the inside of the leg, it is easy and straight forward to remove, and can be done under local anaesthetic and not necessarily by a vet, just someone who is experienced in surgically castrating calves, lambs, kids etc.

    But, if it is near the kidney it becomes extensive surgery and requires a vet. The animal needs to be put under general anaesthetic and opened up for a 'search and rescue' mission. I chose this for chaplin because he was to be a harness wether. He came back with an incision from his scrotum up to his navel/pizzle.

    Also be aware of the price for this type of thing: chappy's operation was $AUS 580 and that was two years ago.
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    We banded the one and he is going to be put in our freeze unless he someone wants him for a dinner date.
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    NNNOOOOOO *she sighs and looks at how far away is FL to Texas and her road trip*

    I knwo people eat these guys but I do nto want to know *still has her map out looking*