sadly trying to reduce my herd a bit- also reduced prices a bit-adga herd

- two yearling bucks- old mountain farm contender x oak apple vivace $475for the one with a application and $500 for the reg. one. blk and scurs, friendly, easy to handle. one had bred a doe but the other hasnt had a chance, due to herd mostly related.

-two year old blk doe-oak apple pangaroo- awesome personality! she would love to have her own person. super friendly, easy to handle, has had triplets the last three times and raised them well. they were all nice and chubby. $400 with her papers or $300 without

- weaned blk and white doeling from above doe. $350 with application. sire is pippin hill cc orions belt.(redstone and springwater lines) $300 without application

- blk and white doeling born end of may, MBD farms eleventh hour (hetland creek zz black hawk x oak apple pangaroo )x oak apple challenger (old mountain farm contender x oak apple vivace) $350/300

$500 gold with minimal white. castle rock pinpoint clover x purplerain t misty harvest. mostly castle rock lines. she is sweet but more of the quiet type. born feb and comes with application. have alot of relations. can be put with a buck and will charge $100 for a service memo if you want doelings registered if she kids. her sibling is purplerain cc hazy harvest- you can look her up on adga.
trade for hay, fencing, labor for fencing ect....