Oregon Oregonians, Washingtonians, or Californianseffected by the fires?

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    Sep 21, 2018
    Glad to hear everyone is mostly ok! Praying hard for y'all daily!
    Hang in there

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    Dec 1, 2019
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    @goathiker those photos are spooky! Glad you're all ok! It blows my mind what kind of sicko would deliberately start fires that could destroy so much property and life. Hope they are all caught.
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    Wow!! Hugs and prayers for all. So so sad people did this on purpose...
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    Oct 14, 2012
    Jill we are so glad your ok! Thanks for sharing those photos! Which fire is burning near you? It’s crazy. Our whole state seems to be on fire. We didn’t get much rain when the big storms went through recently. But fires seem to be growing less now. Thankfully!

    The media is NOT talking about what’s going on in Oregon! In our area we’ve had arson fires. One woman lost her home to a arsonist during fires. Locks cut, home broke into and probably looted then burned. She lost her hubby in June to massive heart attack.

    I’ve heard from the local people here that there are other arson burns.

    Also looting has been a huge problem in our area. Fires I guess bring out the nuts! It’s crazy!

    Thankfully a ffa program boarded our animals. We were so grateful! Back home. But haven’t gone to level 1 yet.
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    Oct 14, 2012
    Jessica update us on how things are going for your farm when you get time.

    Wayyyy too many fires right now!

    Your right Jessica, they have to start cleaning up our forests!! But the environmental people are so worried about owls and other things! What about humans and our animals and homes?

    When they slash burned and clear cut in the 70s and 80s we never had fires like this.....just sayin!
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    Oct 27, 2011
    Jill so happy to see you are ok. That looks a little too close to comfort! And your girls are just looking like it’s just another day.
    Well things have been hectic. So my dad finally lost it at some guy from back East that was appointed to us. We had injured cows by a road so we asked for permission to get in there and get them out. He said no because there was hot spots along that road. Dad said yeah way up the road but not where we want to go. I guess if there is any hot spots on a road, no matter if it’s 1/2 mile long or 100 miles long the road is a no go. That’s when dad lost it. He nice very nicely asked so basically those cows have to stay there and suffer until the snow comes and puts the hot spots out and kills the cows? Or do I have to hire a helicopter to fly in and grab them one by one. There was other words spoken that I’ll just leave out but the guy finally got what he was saying and allowed us in. The one cow dad found the other day, I think she stepped on some coals. She is limping badly but she should be ok. I got her in and doctored her the best I could and gave her some dex. I also ran to the feed store and got 20 bales of straw for them to stand on and off the dirty ground (wish I would have thought to do that before we brought them home). The steer calf, his hooves look like they will fall off. This is actually my uncles calf so I just doctored him but I’m going to talk to him tonight about taking down to the butcher or just putting him down. He really is doing well. You can see he is in pain but not as bad as I would imagine he would be. But you can look at the hooves and see where they are starting to separate. IMG_3297.jpg
    Dad found one burned to death so far. We can’t really get off roads so my hope that most made it is kinda dwindling. They found a few more that are fine and a calf that we are really hoping goes to the dead one we found and not another and they are bringing them home today. Basically all we can do is put some hay in the middle of roads and hope they easily pick they way threw when they smell it and we can pick them up. Here are some pictures that mom got when she was up there
    This is what is left of our corral
    A old mining camp that was on Rocks, also where my parents took the cows that day they were trying to get them as far away from the fire as they could.
    IMG_3285.jpg IMG_3287.jpg IMG_3286.jpg and just random places. It is a mess up there and so sad.
    Buck naked Boers you are absolutely right. Now here I disagree with clear cutting. All that happens when it’s clear cut is it makes room for brush but it does work in other parts. I think because the brush is so out of control here and we are not a very wet place it just doesn’t work well. But this forest was the number one spot for sugar pines, that is what it is really known for and all the ones that used to be along the road (because that’s all we are allowed to see) are gone. I’m sure we lost most of not all of them. It’s just sad.
    Keith is still in his little area. This is day 73 I think since he has had a day off. The fire down there keeps jumping lines and spot fires start up. The other day he woke up at 1 in the morning and there was 20 little spot fires he had to go chase down. This will burn until winter. There’s no way they are going to get it all out. It is over 280,000 acres, it is now the largest fire California has ever had.
    The jerseys are going good. The one is 100% again. The other is still weak but gets stronger every day. With everyone buys with the fire cows I had to get creative about how to get her up. My dad is kinda a hoarder. It usually drives me nuts because we have so much crap around here but it came in handy. He brought home this big square thing that is used to pick up farming disks to take across roads. It has chains and cranks to lift the disk so now I am able to put that over her and crank her back end up with the hip lift and put a ratchet strap under her front and crank that up and her her on her feet. Let me tell you I won’t complain about his hoarding ever again lol only took 36 years for me to appreciate it and see his reasoning lol
    But I’ll keep coming on and updating. I have a feeling it’s going to get depressing and I’m so exhausted so I’m sorry if I repeated anything or there was some rambling you couldn’t understand.
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    OMG. I'm so glad you are OK Jill. Will be praying for you. I hope you don't ever have to evacuate.

    Jessica, that is just awful about the cows. I hope you are able to find and get more out.
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    I am crying ss I sit here. Please stay safe
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    Jessica, you absolutely have the right to ramble right now. Nobody's going to blame you for that. :hug:
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    Oct 14, 2012
    Jessica that is horrible!! I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through there! So are the fires still blowing closer to your home or are the fires pushing away now from your property? Sounds like they will be in the area burning for a long time. Our fires will be burning for a long time too. They said the rain we have gotten so far hasn't put them out. They are burning 2 ft deep into the forest floor (that is how much stuff is there!!) And they said the rain has only helped like 6 inches of the stuff burning. So basically a foot and half is still actively burning. We are getting some pretty strong winds today. They are saying we are supposed to get some more rain but so far we haven't seen much rain.

    Yeah it isn't that I condone clear cutting and slash burning....but it was better in the 70-80's than what is going on now. No management whatsoever! If they say they are managing the forests that is just not true, not where I live. But you are right maybe that works better in Oregon where I live. Not sure. All I know is they aren't managing the forests like they should. There are two huge fires burning not far from us. One of them thankfully the fire line is apparently contained. But it was under 2 mi from our home. We drove down the road the other day and saw where the line was.....just amazing!

    We were just lowered to level 1!! So thankful!!

    Keep us posted when you have time how things are going at your farm.

    Hope all is well with you too Jill!

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    Apr 22, 2018
    Ladies...you are all doing GREAT for being in Hell! Im so proud of each of you. You are amazing and true Strong Spirits. I cannot imagine going through any if this! My prayers are with each of you.
    I dont understand why they wont alow goats to Clean up the forest brush? Its natural..and would cut the fire risk in half.
    Let all of us know if we can help in any way. Tell us the name of your feed stores .or where you purchase products..we can donate money to them to help you out.
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    Oct 14, 2012
    This is a excellent article....about what is going on in our area of Oregon. I don't know if the same thing is happening in your area Jill. But there were not many fire fighters here until days after the fire was out of control. Our governor didn't even ask for help from the federal govt til days later. And our mayor left town initially. Fire fighters were not holding the lines.....so neighbors held them. Things would be drastically different at our house had those lines not been held.

    Our town is voting this november to decide whether our town fire dept will be merging with the larger county fire dist. There is starting to be alot of opposition to that due to how things were handled here locally with the fire. We don't want to loose our local fire dept to a larger district.

    We are grateful to have fire fighters from all over the US here now. But apparently there is a huge deficit of fire fighters in our state.....?


    Thank you all for your support!
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    So awful. I can’t believe there are horrible people out there who would start these fires. I’m so glad everybody is safe!
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    Oct 27, 2011
    Thank you guys.
    Buck naked Boers no my house and property are fine and they have the fire contained on this side..........yeah my husband helped with that :p
    We got 2 trailer loads home last night. They looked fine when we unloaded them in the dark but this morning while getting tag numbers so we can keep track of who we are able to get out and what is missing I saw 4 more with burns on their hooves. Just on the back of the hooves not all the legs like the other two. One is pretty bad but still it could be way worse. I got some cut heal on them and kicked them out so they can keep their feet clean and I can just keep a eye on them and get them in if they need more then that. The problem with cows is they are big and not huge pets so screwing with them usually causes more harm then good. So that’s that.
    A sweet picture this morning though. This is my SB cow, well she is actually technically my dads but she’s my buddy. She was telling me all about her cruddy summer this morning when I was writing down numbers. I want them all out unharmed but there are certain ones like this one that is a huge relief see come home totally fine. IMG_3304.jpg
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    Great to hear that some of them are doing okay. How many cattle do you have yet to account for?
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    Sep 21, 2018
    Oh my you are going through hell! I’ve been wanting to check in, but know you’re exhausted beyond belief. You’re doing amazing doctoring those poor babies!
    I feel for your husband my longest stretch was 67 days in Ventura County when it blazed in the 80’s and I remember how tired and sore I was.
    Prayers it ends soon for y’all!
    Sending Texas size hugs to y’all!
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    We can hope that forest management drastically improves in the near future. These losses are insane. I'd like to see more ways we can help offered through national and federal organizations like 4-H, FFA, Nat'l Farmers Union but nothing yet. Our state Farmer's Union is incredible- I hope you have the fortune of really supportive organizations like that too.

    Thank you for sharing your stories and photos! It makes a difference. We will help.
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    Oct 27, 2011
    MellonFriend we have 130 pair up there, we have 13 here now and I’m waiting on tonight’s load. They found another dead, one with her whole back end burned and one that was burned by her eye, like literally by her eye. They didn’t want to cram the badly burned one in the load so she has a bale of hay and she will get one of the trailer half’s to herself tomorrow so now one bumps into her and hurts her.
    Goofygoats I had no idea you were a fire fighter! I know you were awesome I just didn’t know how awesome. I think I’m pretty out going and there is NO way I could do it. The first time I got woken in the middle of the night I would be so cranky I would get fired. I can do it for cute little kids being born though.
    Littleheathens I know climate change is a hot subject and I really do respect everyone’s view on it even when it’s not the same as mine but you are absolutely right! Forest management needs to improve. It really doesn’t matter what is causing it, why would we not? But there are some that would rather ignore it and use the fire for their own agenda. This whole state is on fire, California governor goes and looks at what has burned and then signs something that says no more gas cars by 2030 something. Nothing about fire protection or fuel reduction. That I am really having a issue with.