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Part of our flock reduction -

For Sale - Black Orpington Flock, 4 - 1 yr old hens, currently laying and a black cockerel. One hen is at least 50% UK, the rest of the hens and the cockerel are 75% UK. $15 per chicken, $50 for the flock.

For Sale - 7 Mille Fleur/Calico Cochin cockerels, bantams. $5 each, $20 for all.
All should have good type, all have yellow feet, they will not have black in the chest, which is what I am looking for, but otherwise will be nice.

For Sale - Cayuga Duck Flock, very pretty birds. Diverse genetics. 1 Black Drake, 1 Blue Drake, 1 Blue hen, 5 black hens. $15 per duck, $80 for the whole flock. Great 4H or starter flock.

For Sale - 2 buff ducks, $10 per duck.

All ducks lay and are younger then 2 yrs old, the Cayugas are last year hatches from purchased eggs and the buffs are either 2 yrs old from purchased eggs or last year hatch from the breeding stock from the previous year.

Can ship. Pictures available on request.
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