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Well I've got my son (if you can call him a hobby) LMAO, I've got the goats, the horses (who I actually just fell in love with again - it's a long story, but I'm glad they're meaning something again to me after quite a long grudge- we've got 3 here) the cows - I really just watch them and play with the babies, and I cook them (ROFL) and the dogs.

I used to do soaps and lotions, but just about got burnt out on soaps - still like doing lotions and sprays and fizzies, but I just started doing "stained" glass. It's fun - I've made a few goat stained glass hanging things on plexi glass and glass for friends, but it's actually fun. I'm also addicted to word whomp, word games and bejeweled.

My husband started making milk stands to sell - they're awesome and REAL light. After mine (the first one) he's decided to make some fold-able and to add side rails for those who want them so they become more of a working stand than just milking - going so far as to make the rails removable or fold-able...he makes them out of EMT and galvanized pipe - real sturdy and REAL light - I guess he'll start selling them in the future....he also plays guitar and bales hay. And just recently he made a few "goat haulers" - they came out nice. They're just the big cages that go into the truck bed and are light too and have swinging doors.

What do yall do if you have spare time? What's fun?
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