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This is whachu talkin bout willis?


G and i had a date! I was SO tired that day but no way was i tellin the kids they could not have a day date.


The twisted family that i love. Hahahha! Our dil sent me a pic of "cheese nips" friday. Just a random thing that made me laugh.i saw the pic early in the mornin before an infusion of coffee. Dil is a natural redhead so she has that lovely white white skin. All i kept thinkin was WHY are you puttin cheese on your nips daughter. I mean dang we do not DO processed cheeses. Lol! And WHY are you sendin ME pics of it. This is somethin weird that you and the son do that as your mama i do NOT need know. Then it clicked. Eesh!
81 - 100 of 138 Posts