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My husband and I got 4 goats about a month ago. First time goat owners. We have a year old possibly pregnant doe, 7 mo old buck and 2 4 mo old does. We have two seperate stalls and a small barn room we usually put them in at night. When we first got them they were all together. The older doe was ramming the young girls and the buck was trying to mount one of the baby girls. So we separated the two babies from the buck and the older doe during the day but kept them all together at night.
Two mornings ago(8am)I went to let them out and one of the baby girls wouldnt get up and looked to be in pain. She was crying like she was in pain. I picked her up and she didnt want to walk. She didnt want to eat anything. She had a huge lump on her side. My first thought was the older doe rammed her against the wall and broke her rib. Then my husband thought maybe a rattle snake got her (it is getting cold at night and he thought a snake found their warmth and if she moved it probably scared the snake and bit her.)

I was with her all day watching her, trying to get her to eat. she would stand up and lay down and would cry when she laid down. The lump on her side was the size of my fist. (I have small hands) Her skin was too dark to see any bite marks. The lump felt like there was liquid moving around inside. I came back out around 5 (last I saw her was about and hour earlier) to feed them dinner and she was gone. I really thought she would make it, or heal on her own. I tried finding a vet all day that would come out to us because we live pretty far from town, or a vet I could go to that had any openings that day that were nearby, but she just went so fast. I was devastated (as this is my first time with goats, and I love my animals) and I hate not knowing what this could have been.

We have kept the older doe separate from the other 4 mo old all together now and will be trying to snake proof their room as much as we can.

Anyone ever experience this or have ideas?? I have posted pics of the lump.


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