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You're right about the learning curve in a new area- many years ago, when I was going to be transferred to here, I subscribed to a news paper to get a rental set up for me and my animal. All the house ads kept say flat land and sunny- I thought how weird- how could sunny be a selling point. Then I moved and found that a whole lot of the land was either mountain (pretty straight up and down) and sunny or flat and foggy. Now I have the best of both worlds- nothing is quite flat whereI live and I get lots of fog too.
Hay here is difficult at best and local stuff tends to look like someone baled what should have gone into the compost. You go into the feed store and ask for either local hay or import hay - import is usually from about 100 miles away.
Maybe your goats are transitioning to deal with new vitamin and minerals content of local stuff. Maybe the local vet can tell you what mineral mix is best for your area- having things the local area lacks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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