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Hi Tina,
I don't know if it helps but I had to sell my entire ND herd in Jan. 2005 because we had bought a new place and our old one sold SUPER fast. We had zero fences, barn, etc at the new place and 3 weeks to be completely cleared out of the old one. :-( Up to that point, I had had 3 easy kidding seasons with goats. (2 years with NDs and never the first problem.) I had brought in breeding animals from all over the country and in 3 seasons, I had ONE stillborn kid who was one of triplets. I really thought as long as I took care of my herd all my kidding seasons would be that way because I knew what I was doing, of course.

A few months later, in April 2005, I started to rebuild my herd. I was still really careful about where I got my breeding stock, still testing my herd,vaccinating, deworming, etc...just the same as I had always done it and the '06 kidding season was a nightmare! In that one spring, I had 2 stillborns, 1 kid lost to a stray dog, 1 bred doe lost to pnuemonia, 1 super nice adult doe lost to a staph infection, 1 doe kid was born healthy but died later (due to the cold, I guess, even though she was completely dry and bouncy when I left her.) In a nutshell, everything that could have gone wrond, went wrong. I was just so frustrated I wanted to get out of goats completely but I stayed with it antother year to try and recover some of the money I had spent on the herd and those gigantic vet bills in 2006. My '07 kidding season was much, much better. I still had a stillborn and most everybody had bucks <grrrr> but it was still a better year.

I hope this was just one of those years for you and spring '08 will see you with your normal, happy, healthy kids again. I'm sure things will get better if you have the patience to hang on just a little longer.
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