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Tina, my first kidding season was disasterous....I lost more kids than I saved, and absolutely no idea what happened. The kids were fully formed and alive in the womb, but evidently too weak to survive the trauma of delivery. Sometimes we never find out why, and you're right, it sucks. Big time. But one of the only hard and fast rules of owning any kind of livestock is that if you have livestock you are going to have dead stock. I'm terribly sorry that this has happened to your herd and your family; believe me I DO know how much it hurts. But I do wish you wouldn't give up quite yet. This has been a rough year for almost everyone I know, and I strongly suspect though can't prove that the kidding problems so many of us have experianced this year may be nutritional. Almost every area of the country that produces hay and grain has been hit by severe droughts in the past few years, and no one will ever convince me that it hasn't effected the nutritional balance of our feeds. Many of us have been getting hay/feed grown in areas far from where we normally get our feed, and perhaps we didn't realize that while I don't live in a selenium-deficent area, the hay my feed store trucked in was grown in a deficent region. It could be something that simple that caused the deformities. Have you talked to other goat breeders in your area? Go to the NDGA, AGS and ADGA lists and post about this to them, see if anyone can come up with any ideas. There are breeders who have been breeding for over 50 years on those lists, ask their help. I'd even call Anne Hoegger at Hoegger Goat Supply and talk to her. PM me - I have e-mail addys for people who know as much about goats as anyone on the planet. I'd hate to see you give up because of a run of hard, painful luck that was already over, or fixable. I know how bad it hurts - I've been there. But it doesn't stay bad forever, and when it gets better it's wonderful.
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