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I'm brand new to goats!!

Someone my husband knew through work wanted to give away his doe and we ended up with her this week. She is extremely shy but has calmed down and gotten braver over this past week. We named her Ethel. :)

She has become very vocal as of late and loudly greets us when we arrive home or come out there to visit her.

She's recently been grinding her teeth and I've been told on here that can mean abdominal pain from bloat or parasites which I do think she has possibly both. Does anyone know if I can just give her a dewormer from Tractor Supply or another farm / feed store and if so, what kind? Also are they typically flavored or is it going to be a fight with her to get it down? Keep in mind she doesn't let us get close enough to touch her yet.

Other than the grinding and slight bloat she has, she seems overall to be healthy. Have no idea of her age but I will be doing the "teeth test" when I get home since I was just told you can tell by that.

The guy who had her has no idea what kind she is...what do you think?


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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