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We went to 5 shows this year(4 ADGA Sanctioned Shows and my Co. Fair 4-H Show).

Well...we didn't do too great until the 3rd show, The Ohio State Fair. Libby, a dry yearling Nubian, finally blossomed at the end of the show season! She was 1st in her class in the Youth Show and was named GCH Jr. Nubian! And I got 1st in my age division in both the skillathon and showmanship! :D

Then my 4-H show Libby was 4th, Flicka was 1st, 4th place market goat, and I got 3rd place in showmanship.

At my Co. Open Show Libby was GCH and Flicka was RGCH! Libby was almost BJDIS!!

FINALLY! We're starting to place in the top! Yippee! :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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