Our Websites Done!

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by Pheonix08, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Pheonix08

    Pheonix08 New Member

    Mar 9, 2008
    Western N.Y.
    Hey yall!
    I am finallt done w/ help from my stepmom we got the exotic as well as normal animals on another page as well:

    Make sure to look for the raindrops on the homepage.
    Every season I change it:
    Fall -Leaves
    Winter- Snow
    Summer- Butterflys or Stars haven't decided.
  2. lacy_94

    lacy_94 New Member

    Oct 6, 2007
    North Fla
    looks grear.. love the raindrops

  3. sweetgoats

    sweetgoats Moderator

    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
    Nice Job.
    I have to say I love you mice. We use to have mice (rats) and my daughter was allergic to their tails of all things.

    I love the horses, they are beautiful. I could not get the goats pictures to come up.
  4. trob1

    trob1 New Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    Middle TN
    Looks great!
  5. goatiegurl*Oh

    goatiegurl*Oh Senior Member

    Nov 10, 2007
    I like it. :) Pretty goats.
  6. Tog Lovers

    Tog Lovers New Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    Greensburg, PA
    Very nice. I like the raindrops!