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    More to add to my feeding woahs. I know that you shouldn't just switch feed with goats quickly because of screwing up their digestion, so normally I buy two bags and buy more when I get half way down the second bag that way if the feed store is out I don't run into trouble, but the trouble was because I was in the process of trying to figure out what feed I was going to switch to, and then I ended up buying the wrong thing, I let the bag run too low to switch slowly. So no problem I'll just buy another bag of what I have been feeding and then buy a bag of the new stuff. Wrong. The feed store was out of what I normally get, and the stuff I had decided to switch to, so I had to buy yet another feed I don't want to be feeding, AND I am too low on what I have been feeding them to switch safely. I don't know what to do! I have enough of the old stuff probably to feed half of my goats tonight, but that's it. So distribute what old food I have left between them, load them all up on probiotic, and hope for the best? Should I just give them less food altogether and try to stretch what I've got? Uhh! grr! Why does everything have to be so hard?!
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    Mix it half and half and feed less is about all you can do I would think. Just put out extra hay and water so they can fill up on it. Youre sort of stuck. I had something similar happen and that's what I did. No one got sick and when the correct stuff came in I just gave the left over feed to a friend who I know used that brand.
    Good luck
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    So here's what I have. Blue seal Backyard basics All-Stock 14 Texturized, A little bit of Blue Seal Home Fresh 16 Goat Grow & Finish (what I have been feeding) , and True Choice All stock 10/2.5 . I have been mixing in a bit of the True choice All Stock with their feed so I guess I will up that slightly and reduce the amount of feed in general. The ingredients on the True Choice are closer to the Home Fresh so maybe I will just only use those two instead of opening the blue seal all stock. Here are pictures of the labels if that is any use. IMG_3777.JPG IMG_3782.JPG

    This is the Blue Seal Home fresh, What I have been feeding:
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    With any new feed, Start slowly, then increase as you go, up it some, then when you get the normal stuff used, then again gradually introduce it again, then use both together until you run out of the replacement feed.
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    I'd drastically decrease the feed and up the hay. In my experience, goats rarely have problems on roughage, because it is what they evolved on. When they are full of good hay that they are already used to, and not much feed, then switching the feed won't be as big of a deal since it is only a little bit of this moving to a little bit of that.

    So lots of the hay they already have, Doses of Probios all around, and very little feed. Once you are comfortably switched over, then you can up the amount of the new feed, slowly.

    You'll see a dip in production and in the color/texture of the poop, perhaps. That'd be understandable and temporary.


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    Boy, if it’s not what they’re standing on, it what makes them stand. (Inside joke) Nothing intended. Goats are a very interesting critters. Hardly no two alike and all are the same, ️ it.
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    I gave them the new grain last night and this morning in greatly reduced quantity along with more hay and more cut brush for my bucks. I also gave them all a good does of probiotic, and so far nobody is having issues. I don't know how long it would take to see anything, but so far so good.
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    I've been forced to switch feeds abruptly so often with no bad results that I just quit worrying about it (feed suppliers around here kinda suck). The worst that can happen is some scouring or minor bloat which is easy to deal with when you know the cause.
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    Prim didn't eat her feed last morning or night, but I think it was just her being picky. She ate it this morning no problem and I gave her a bit more probiotic to help. The rest of my goats have shown no signs whatsoever of any trouble, and tomorrow the feed store should have my feed in which I then will be switching over to in a normal, healthy manner.
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    Yeah one of mine is picky like that. My feed company switched their formula even though it was supposedly the same grain, and he grudged slowly through eating it and wasn't very happy. I was worried, until I realized he just didn't like the new stuff. Only took a day or two for him to adjust to it and like it.