Outdoor Hay holder?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by HoosierShadow, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    This is a longshot maybe, but thought I'd ask anyway.

    We ended up buying 4 5x5 rolls of hay, this is some nice hay, and these rolls are HUGE and sooo tight. Should have seen us trying to roll them when they were dropped off the truck LOL We have one that flattened out and we cant move it out of the driveway! Ack, I know!

    I've had an idea for a while, but not sure it will work, so I thought I'd see what you all think.

    Since I am the queen of using pallets <LOL>, I thought maybe I could get some of those long pallets, not sure the size? 6' maybe? I could stack 2 on the ground, and put others around it to make a 'wall' but on one side I can bury it down in the ground a little so when I put a top on it it has a slope.
    I'd like to use OSB on top and probably just cover it with plastic/tarp, sure not beautiful but until I have the $$ to make something nicer...
    I can figure out a way to cover the side that the weather comes from <probably tear off boards from another pallet and cover the gaps>., and on the short side have openings wide enough for the goats to get hay but not stick their heads in. ALSO have the OSB/top overhang so the goats can eat without getting wet if it's raining/snowing.

    Think this would work? That away we can store the hay, but they can also eat it and not have to worry about making hay racks.

    I don't care if the pallets would rot, as long as this would last me through the winter, then in the spring we can build a better one.

    Any thoughts?
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    Apr 10, 2010
    Hmmmmm. To my understanding goats hate mud don't they. This might become an issue in front of the feeder. Trying to use what you have is smart these day and times so I here you. As far as the sides that are towards the weather doing the board and batten methoid has worked for centuries and I don't see why it would not work this day and time. I don't think I would bury anything in the ground though. If you are trying to get a slope on the roof simply add another pallet on one side and let that create the slope. After all this is not a permanant structure on your farm. You also need to make it easy to install another roll into it when the time comes. My thoughts would be to make a three sided structure using your pallets that would have one side that was away from the weather that y ou could use a piece of wire cattle panel on. Make it so you can move the panel toward the bale as the goats eat away at the bale. Remember goats are wasteful little critters. Be careful of them getting there horns caught. There are a million ways to skin a cat. Which way is the easiest for you and will accomplish what you are trying to do. As for the bale that is in your driveway. If you can't roll it is there anyway of wrapping a strap around it and dragging it somewhere? If not it might take some work but take a machete and start hacking away at is and relocate the hay by armfulls somewhere that it needs to go.
    When we get a roll bale of hay for our horses, I won't let them just eat on it sitting in the field, they waste to much. I have a 6' x 6' dog kennel that I bought on craigslist for about 40 bucks that I put around the bale. The horses will reach over the top and eat until they can't reach then I can easily flip it up and pull some off and put in the feeder for them. This way there is very little waste. What works for some may not work for others but this way seems to be the best for what I have. Since we don't own a tractor or anything that is even close to being able to move a 850 lb roll bale, strategically placement from the truck is cruicial. Keep in mind keep that hay dry.

    my $.02

  3. HoosierShadow

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    Thanks so much Tom! I appreciate it! The hay from the roll we can't use would go in my 'contraption' LOL
    I thought about the mud issue too. Once I figure out how to do it, I can lay pallets down and put some of the old bedding on them so they aren't standing on mud. My goats love walking on pallets <should have seen them when we were building their barn LOL>.
    We don't have any extra wire right now, but I do have a pallet I can use that has spaces wide enough for mouths but not for heads. I figured we can rig it up so we can open one side to get hay in, and also make it where we can open it up to push hay closer. But trust me it would be very full for a very long time...this roll is HUGE.
    I'll see about getting some pallets and then see what we have to work with. We want to finish siding the barn and run in, so I just don't have the extra $$ for this project...but...pallets are free...and I don't live too far away from the feed store :) It may not be a pretty project, but in the future the spot where we'd put it would most likely be a permanent spot for some kind of hay feeder. I'd rather have the hay outside so they aren't bunting each other.
    We had a doe abort last week, and I'm pretty positive someone bunted her :( So if I can keep they hay in open area instead of in the barn or run in.