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In my wolf, bear, and cat country the goat have remained free from harm or threats to my knowledge. These predators do not seem to like human activity. However I have never left my goats for more than a couple hours to run into town to get supplies. They are never alone or very far from me at night. The are high lined with a tarp over head or behind a portable electric fence. They have goat coats if needed. They are well fed and watered. They will enter your tent, possibly nibble on it, or just lay down on it while you are in it. You will not sleep much the first night. They seem to get the idea after that, and my boys look for the tarp going up as their place to lay down. I use a light weight nylon tarp and carry plenty of rope. At fist they will bite, climb and generally play with the tarp. You'll need to practice with it and teach them to "leave it" with a squirt gun. Learn the prussit knot to tie goats out on a high line. Put the bell on only your alpha goat at night to reduce noise.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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