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In addition to the original Grand Father of Goat Packing John Mionczynski's now out of print book "The Pack Goat" which is probably the best book to start with...there are several others. John M's can be tough to find but can usually find it on Amazon used. It is excellent and what I started with. (I have the first edition

1st Edition:

2nd Edition:

Then you can start with the ones on the link below as they are the ones in most Goat Packer Libraries. (There are several other sources where you can get them though.)

Practical Goatkpacking

By Carolyn Eddy, 142 pages. "A thorough, nuts and bolts guide to the art and science of goatpacking. It will answer most of the questions that... Manicures

By Diane Gray, 32 pages, paperback with 12 illustrations. Everything you need to know to keep those hooves trimmed properly. Whether you have working...
Diet For Wethers

By Carolyn Eddy, 102 pages, paperback. "Finally, a book written for the average goat owner who wants to feed a good diet without getting a...
Goat Field First Aid Book

By Alice Berberness and Carolyn Eddy, 240 pages, paperback. Emergencies, Urgencies, Packgoat Management, Your Supplies and how to do procedures....
Goat First Aid - The Trail Guide

A laminated packable guide (30 pages of emergency and handy info). It's waterproof and fits in our First Aid Kit. See our demonstration YouTube...

Goat Tracks Magazine - Journal of the Working Goat (Annual)

BACK IN PRINT ! Published 4 times a year. The only magazine dedicated to the working goat. Articles on pack and harness goats, equipment, health, 4-H...
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