Pain after cutting castration

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    Mar 29, 2017
    Hello all! I'm new to goats, I took my 11 week old nigerian dwarf to the vet to be castrated today. They did the cutting method but the doc said I didn't need any pain meds or antibiotics for it. I wouldn't bother, but he seems very painful. He just stands in the same spot and doesn't move at all, eyes closing and head drooping. If he lays down, its VERY slowly, and he isn't interested in food or anything. He is very quiet and stands funny in the back end. He's not bleeding or anything. I've been giving him probiotics, electrolytes, and vitamins in preparation for the stress, but I am wondering if I should give him anything else and what I should give and how much. He probably weighs about 15 ish pounds, not too sure. He also has coccidia and his brother has some worms, I got meds for all that but should I wait till he is feeling better before I start him on those meds? I can go to the feed store and pick up something if I need to. Thank you everyone
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    I'll bump this so hopefully someone can give a good answer.

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    If you have batamine I would give him that, I'm not sure what else you could give him that is over the counter. I know you do NOT want to give him aspirin since it's a blood thinner. The meds I would see how he is doing tomorrow before you give to him. I would want to give ASAP because he just got majorly stressed out being castrated but he is probably going to put up a fight taking it and you don't want him busting anything loose and take off bleeding. If you think you can do the meds without him acting like it's the end of the world though I would go for it
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    Hi! I know this was a couple months ago, but was wondering if everything turned out ok, did you end up giving him anything for pain, I had my two goats done today, one of them seems fine, the other is doing exactly what you described yours did and seem to be in a lot of pain :(
  5. I just use the bands it's quick and less stressful than being cut,teejae
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    Newgoatgal, you need to call the vet so he can give you banamine.
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    This is an older thread, hope things turned out OK.