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    Aug 15, 2009
    Some of you might remember our bottle baby, Sweet Pea. One of the two Stacey helped talk me through warming them up. Abandoned by her mother we had to raise her by hand. We rehomed her as a pet to family in town. Since we're rolling out of Redneckistan next week, we decided to swing by and see how the Pea Zone was managing.

    What a hook up. She's got a nice fenced in section of the yard that used to be for the dogs. It's got a small barn attached to it and she has that all to herself. No worries if she gets out, she heads right for the front door of the house.

    She plays with the dogs and her best buddy is a Shitzu. I was a little surprised her horns hadn't grown out. They were just nubs. She looks exactly like her grandmother. Long neck, thin legs. She seemed small for her age but always has. Doesn't seem right she's only 6 months old. Yeah, Christmas baby. That's right. Wow, we got a truck, a camper, lined up a gig in another state that I can work and have time to finish the book, and sold the house in that amount of time? Unreal.

    If she remembered us, she didn't show it. We were merely another potential source for treats. When we didn't have anything to eat, we were dismissed. Definitely no desire to go back with us. I didn't expect any gratitude but a little recognition would have been nice.

    The new owners said she has some bad habits. When she gets in the house, the first thing she does is jump up on the couch and go straight for the ash tray. They have to make sure they're all empty before she gets in or she'll eat the butts. Great, we bottle fed Lindsay Lohan. I would have thought cigarette butts would be fatal to an animal, but she's had them before. She'll hoover up any laying around. Would that technically be smoking or chewing? A goat with a tobacco habit. :scratch:

    At least we know she's doing good and is living large for a baby goat. Her belly was full on both sides, she's definitely getting enough to eat.

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    Aww what a cutie! Is she Boer?

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    Nov 30, 2009
    Be safe on the road. It seems like such a huge adventure to me! Lucky you. And enough imagination to write a book too! If you come through New Mexico let me know, it would be great for you to drop by.

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    Aug 15, 2009
    We'll do that. I'd love to see more of New Mexico. I've been to Alamogordo and Roswell. I got marooned at the airport in Alamogordo. No one told me the place closes up and everyone goes home. I got in on the last flight and went outside to get some air. A bunch of people followed me out. They were the airport staff and they all went home.

    You'll know the book is coming before most people. ;)

    Life should be an adventure, just be smart. I study a lot and plan things, or try to. Being adventurous is also aided by being debt free and responsible with investments and savings. Lot of people dream about doing things, but aren't willing to sacrifice the trappings of normal life to get there. Mortgages, credit cards, student loans. It's like they want adventure to drop out of the sky. Doesn't work that way. Adventure that doesn't end in disaster takes a lot of hard work and disaster can happen anyway, no matter how careful you are. It helps to be borderline nuts. The line between "adventure" and "what were you thinking?" can be surprisingly small. But I'm pontificating off topic here, so I'll drop it there.

    Yup, Sweet Pea is half Boer, half Savannah.
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    Awww...lil Sw'P looks great! I'm glad to hear that she has adjusted well...and that you are gettring yourselves underway for your "adventure"! Good Luck and always, be safe :hug:
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    Corning California precious.... :thumb: :hug: