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All goats are raised naturally, chemical free, and with as little intervention as possible, while still being handled enough as kids to make them socialized with humans.

We have two (2) Purebred Kiko doelings and three (3) Purebred Kiko bucklings left for sale.

Doelings are out of the Southwest Ceasar and Goldmine lines, as are two of the bucklings. Third buckling is out of the Hammer/Titan/Lightin' line.

Doelings - $375.00 each or both for $700.00
Bucklings $250.00 each

"Mini-herd starter" package - Two Goldmine doelings and Hammer Buckling $850.00

Deduct $50.00 per head off above prices, if you do NOT want them registered and parentage verified.

Feel free to email or call for current pictures.

We also have a few bred mature goats for sale.

Kokiri Kikos
South Central Kansas
Email: [email protected]

Our first crop of 100% NZ kids are due September/October 2008!
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