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Kidding season is in full swing here at Hillsong Farm in SW Wisconsin, and we have several very nice percentage Kiko kids for sale.

These doelings being offered would be a wonderful addition to any commercial Kiko herd. The wethers would make wonderful 4-H market wether projects as they are very nicely built, with wide, thick chests, strong toplines, and lots of width throughout. They will be ready to go around 5/20/08.
These kids are constantly socialized, so they are friendly.

All of these kids are sired by SSF Pride's Maximus. Maximus comes directly from many famous, amazing Kiko lines, and he himself is a beauty. His maternal great-grandsire is the amazing Betula Hill Moneymaker. He is very tall, massive, thick, and correct. He consistently throws extremely fast growing, hardy, very correct and sound kids.


Hillsong Farm Charlotte- 75% Kiko- DOB 3/18/08- Unregistered
Charlotte is a gorgeous, sweet doe kid. Very upstanding, correct, and lovely. She is all white.

Hillsong Farm (no name at this time)- 50% Kiko- DOB 3/21/08- Unregistered
This doeling's dam is a grade LaMancha, and so this baby has LaMancha ears. She is very cute and cuddly! She is also very correct, and would make a wonderful commercial meat goat herd foundation doe, if you don't mind those cute ears ;). Cream colored.

4-H Market, Meat, or Pet Wethers:

Hillsong Farm Wilbur- 75% Kiko- DOB 3/18/08
Wilbur is already looking amazing at 4 days old. Although it is still a bit early to tell, I have a feeling he would do VERY well as a market wether at shows.

Hillsong Farm Templeton- 75% Kiko- DOB 3/18/08
Like his brother (Wilbur, above), Templeton is looking very nice. Would also make a great 4-H project.

Hillsong Farm (not named)- 7/8 Kiko- DOB 3/18/08
This little fellow is stunning. Very long, very level, very wide. Again, as with the others, I would love to see this guy go as a show market wether. Would also consider selling as a commercial buck- he is that nice.

We will have many more kids born this year. Most will be born late summer, but we will have a few more on the ground and for sale in the next few weeks.

A $50 deposit will hold the kid of your choice until weaning. After weaning they need to be picked up or transported within a week. Please not that deposits are non-refundable on cancelled orders (exceptions will be made in the event that the animal dies, etc.)
We offer 4-H and multiple animal purchase discounts. PLEASE let us know if the goat will be a 4-H or FFA project animal.

Please email Katherine at [email protected] for prices, photos, pedigrees, etc.


Hillsong Farm Kikos
Don, Lisa & Katherine
Located in SW Wisconsin
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