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    Jun 12, 2020
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    The first goat management book I read had a full page about why saying "Billy" or "Nanny" was actually considered derogatory and were terms that should never be used, so it's definitely interesting to see the... diversity... in opinions haha
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    Feb 17, 2018
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    So today the big peeve for me. Ugh!

    So we ordered straws to ai the heifer. Everything came to my vet fine. Yesterday i got an invoice from him.. $111. So i ask why cause i know i have not not had bills not paid from him coming and thinkin this can ONLY be to return the tank... but when i ordered the tank was prepaid right. Yep. Yes it was for that. I said it should have come with a prepaid label for you. He said all that was with it was a tinny slip sayin tank would be picked up in 1-4 day.... but not that it was prepaid. So i contact the seller of the straws to see about a refund. She is snarky amd just on the i did my part releasing your straws and getting them there and your vet should have known it was prepaid and i am done with you. Oh my good gravies i am PISSED! My vet said that in his 6 years of doing ai he has never had a prepaid shipping tank come to him. So now i gotta pay the return fee again?!?! I am NOT mad at my vet and do not want to tell him about the nasty lady because there was not a word on his lil slip sayin it was prepaid. I even asked her for the storage company name and city so i could google for the number to talk to them. She paid them the shipping so i know it will come from them. But now she is not responding to emails.

    Also... she has some nice bulls and we would probably have used her again for straws in future.... but def not now.

    Off my soapbox now... i think. ;/
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    Oct 27, 2011
    I’m not a pro by any means but the few times I have purchased semen I have gotten a prepaid slip. Either included in the tank or they emailed it to me to print up. Email the company before you pay for anything. But shame on the seller. Yes technically they did their part and released the semen but you know a little honey goes a LONG ways! Even if she didn’t want to spend the time finding the answer for you how hard would it be to say “I’m so sorry I don’t know the answer, here’s the number to the holding place give them a call”. I am so sick of snarky people at the moment. I have my days don’t get me wrong but I really try to be a understanding person and help in whatever way I can, even when in the end it’s not much help. What did she just accomplish? Nothing but loosing a future buyer
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    This!! Selling is by far the WORST
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    Jun 28, 2020
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    Ooh right now I’m so stressed out!! So I have never had any problems with worms before. We live in East tx where it is really hot and dry in the summer. But this year it has been really cool and rainy all summer. Now I have a huge worm problem! I lost a 8 week old doeling after a blood transfusion and 4 days of coccidia and dewormer for the whole herd. Everyone had fecals and everyone had a high worm load. Now I’m sitting at the vets waiting for another fecal, but I know they all still have worms. The babies have been getting red cell for the last week. Everyone is skinny and just looking unhealthy. And School starts next week!! Ugh!!
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    Boers4ever, Maybe post your really important parasite topic under the Health part of this site. Sounds like you need real advice and maybe someone up there will have some suggestions. I know I don't always get this far on the site if I am in a hurry and maybe others don't either. (not that anyone here does not give real advice- not meaning to offend, you all know what I mean! ). ;)
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    Feb 7, 2013
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    Okay, for those of you who remember my situation with the neglect from some of my 4Hers. I am finally going to do something about it. It has been a long time coming, I know. The last straw was another 4Her telling me about a baby that they let die. I remember the kid dieing but was never aware that they could have done something to save it. I got in contact to talk to them about another problem with this person and brought up their neglect so we are setting something up. I dont want them to loose their animals but there is a serious overcrowding issue, I feel if they had to downsize this would give them the ability to care for the ones they do have a lot better. I am having a hard time finding the space laws in our state but we are working with the state and county vet.
  8. Goatzrule

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    Feb 7, 2013
    New England
    Working on getting screenshots. My family has been shaming me for this, my mom has been very against making a problem of this. I dont want them to get defensive but I know it is a fine line. We will be offering them many services to help them get on track. I want to avoid getting the state vet in as much as possible. They have rejected and ignored my help in the past but now getting it on the radar of some people with more control maybe they will fully realize that this is serious.
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    Good for you. Neglecting the animals is not ok.
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    Feb 17, 2018
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    It may take them understanding that if they do not use the services and people that you can provide for helping them that the state vet or animal control of some sort will get involved. And that is ok! You and the people with you are only trying to help it not to get to that. These people NEED to listen and understand that their animals are badly neglected and worse things can happen if te state get involved in this mess.

    As far as family goes. Do they not understand also that it looks poorly to the whole 4h club unit for this family to be involved in something like this and bring sick neglected livestock to shows? Iirc you are kinda in charge of it? Family is often our biggest nay sayers and our biggest cheer team. In the end you need to do what it takes for you to be able to sleep at night i think. But if you rely on your parents then they really need to be on board too. :/. Hopefully your family will come around soon. You are doing the right thing even though it seems very difficult right now!
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    Jun 20, 2011
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    Doing the right thing is never easy. (It seems like!).
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    Jun 7, 2020
    My teacher; I saw this article the other day! You should make some goat cheese!
    Me; Oh, yeah! But I only have meat goats.
    Teacher; no milk?
    Me: no.
    Teacher: ...oh

    Person at fair: you sell them for MEAT!?!
    Me: yeah?
    Person: your an awful person! Raising these animals up to trust you and then betray them!
    Me: ummm, k. I don’t like it anymore than you but hey! We are farmers, Bum pa dum pum bum bum bum!

    last one!

    Person at show: You use pronged collars? Your choking those poor goats!
    Me: no, this simply puts pressure on there necks to teach them...
    Person: zones out
    Me: and then you put a monkey on their back and put them in a rodeo arena!
    Person: mm hmm see yah!

    -but seriously! Worth $1000 a head, abuse is not an option.
    -Don’t ask a question if you don’t intend on listening to the answer
    -where do you think your meat comes from?
    - and there is a difference between meat, dairy, and pet goats!
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    Feb 7, 2013
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    Thankfully I dont rely on my family. Im out on my own, but I was hoping for their approval. My mom is always guilty of saying she'll do something about ______ problem the turn against you once you start doing something about it, doesnt matter how bad the person screwed us/her over.

    I do have statements from two other families who have witnessed the same thing and I could get more if I have to reach back to a year or two ago. As well as my own experience. I have pictures of some of their animals, also if anyone is able to tell a sheep condition from their fleece please message me.
    Having animals die for them is normal, and thats not okay. After losing babies last year to freezing temps, letting does kid out in the elements and they still decide to breed for the same time of year. Just grrrr, why would you do that?
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    Feb 17, 2018
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    How is this goin hon?
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    Feb 17, 2018
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    Peeves for tnight... there are two.

    One. If i loan you things. Implements. Gadgets. Just livestock stuff.. heck even human stuff. under NO circumstances N.O.N.E... k? N.O.N.E!!! Should you send it back to me dirty!!!!! N.O.N.E!!!! And if it happens to be a thermometer that comes back with POOP ON IT.... you can bet yer bottom dollar that the next time i see you we WILL have words. No matter the company that we are in. Omg! I am LIVID right now. That is not the only thing that came back absolutely nasty but i think that one just pisses me off more than the rest for some reason.

    Second peeve.
    Do not collect info on things for your “paying” clients may use to help them if you have not and do not want to experience these things. They are looking for your expertise, meaning experiences in handling this situation, and it could be very very wrong. It is misleading and can actually cause a lot of harm some times.
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    Sep 3, 2019
    I'm a little confused on what you mean by the second pet peeve.
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    Apr 22, 2018
    Hey there Sfgwife..I agree with you 100% on things borrowed. It only take a minute to clean it up.& sterilize!
    Would you or can you explain more of #2..(comment...not :poop:) k? Paying clients? You lost me....( that's easy..) :imok:
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    Feb 17, 2018
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    Sorry. I think i am just cranky pants from a crummy day.
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    Feb 17, 2018
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    Yea if i borrow somethin it is gonna go back nearly immaculate dangit. It sure as snot will not go back with POOP on it!!!! And poop IN the case to boot! I even sent lil alcohol wipes to wipe it off with after each use. Cause it is stored with those lil buggars for me to use lol. So really... how stinkin hard is that?!?!?!

    Paying clients... no joke right? Lol! I put out feelers for comission christmas gift making for others today on fb. I got a lot of i could use a hat or scarf or socks. Several for socks. My reply... tell your loved ones you know where the perfect gift is for you. Hahhaaha. Cause no i was not sayin i was gifting the things. I was pretty clear in that the weather is cooling a d i have time for some COMISSION gift items for loved ones.
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    Feb 7, 2013
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    Our cover got blown. I dont know who spilled it to her but someone told her the state vet is getting involved. We were waiting until after october 15th when the law for proper animal shelter comes into place but now she may be moving animals. If anything I hope the heads up makes them try to clean up. The heads up was public and really harsh. It called out their poor quality bucks and rams, saying that should be a crime. Mentioned something about not letting the kids name their own animals. Called out their overcrowding and some other things.
    She and I had a falling out about something different so Im not totally aware of the situation. Someone she borrows tractors from to bury her animals came forward to our 4H office so that really helped! Its going to be a slow process but I really just want to help the kids. I guess I forgot to add that she got two new ponies so that definitely helps our case. I cant say everything that is going on incase they are on here but thats the run down.
    Now that she knows we have to reassess and go at it differently. There are a couple people and a vet on emergency standby if another animal goes down from neglect.