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Why is it?
Have you ever noticed that if you get your herd testedfor CAE and only ONE goat comes back POSITIVE, its your best packer.

Or that dogs only attack your favorite goat?
Or that the most valuable goat is the one that ate the Rhodys and is deathly ill?

Is this a phenomenon or do we give them titles like "favorite goat" or "best packer" when we get the results back and calamity is upon us? Would it still be as meaningful if our biggest pain in the butt, lazy goat who cant work and is slated for the dinner table had CAE?

If a doe falls down ill with an unknown disease, is she "all the sudden" my childs favorite goat or has she always been? When a doeling eats a mountain laurel, does she automatically become a grandchampion?

I just find that it is a stange occurance. I have noticed because I have had it all happen.
My "best packer" is CAE +. My "most expensive" doeling ate rhody's last week. My dog like to chase my "best trained goat".

Of course, the silly nigerian dwarf I have eating all my hay and who does not contribute at all to the barnyard, yep the one who was given to me because I trimmed some hooves for a lady who couldn't pay me.......hes fine, healthy as a clam.

Phenomenon???? And on and on.
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