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I am home from school today- snowday, so I went picture happy lol. It's been crazy warm here the past week, up to 60 degrees! What an unpleasant surprise it was for the goats to step outside this morning!

The cozy little shed nestled in a valley and covered in a blanket of soft, quiet snow


Yeah right! Shanti begs to disagree. He was the first to venture out

The others reluctantly follow

What in the world happened, mom? It was so nice and snowless when we went to sleep last night

Yeah, what's up?!

Please make it go away

Melino says "look how big and manly I am! I can stand this snow!"

Okay, I'm really just a momma's boy and this stuff is icky

Please make it go away? (I love this pic)

We agree... yucky, foul white stuff!

I'm going inside

Me too... you comming?

Shanti says "wait for me!"

Melino's standing on his hind legs and looking at me questioningly... who in their right mind would want to stay outside in snow?

See, it's nice in here

As I was filling the mineral feeder Melino decided he should be hand fed, and proceeded to lap up all the kelp

Here's a quick video. I was just going to give a quick "tour" of the shed and show them eating hay and being their cute selves, but they had other things in mind lol! ... I_9846.flv
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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