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Hi everyone... yes, 'tis me, the long lost member of this forum :wink: I've been so busy with school and work and life in general, that I haven't been on here in a while... so, I figure what better way to come back than with pictures lol. The boys have been great; their usual cocky selves. Pace and Shanti had their second birthday june 12, I think... oh, they grow up so fast!

Hurry up, hurry up! We want our dinner!

That's what I'm talking about!

Shanti gets locked in the pen with Pace to eat, and Melino eats alone since he is fed more. Shanti has finished his food and is staring longingly through the bars of his prison at Melino's dish

Pace and Shanti eventually wormed their way over and stole the last of melino's supper...

Well, I get no appreciation around here!

I think I'll go complain to Ruby

(who doesn't want to hear it)

And by this time the little guys are finished eating, so they all go romping around

Then they get back to eating (Shanti really isn't as fat as he looks in this pic lol)

They say "watch our coats sparkle"

Then Pace trots off to get into trouble

So he is put on a leash, whcih he thinks is both demeaning and embarassing

Once they have eaten their fill I usher them back into the pen. Pace lays down on the rock

Shanti has an itch...

And melino just looks cute

Then Pace decided to show off for the camera

Is this my better side?

Or this?

No, wait... it's this!

Shanti looks on with mild interest

And Pace just laps up the attention!


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Good to "see" you Stacey :wave:

Yep, my little man has grown up! Here he is next to my cousin, who is 5'7. I've ordered a harness from Adam, and am waiting for it to get here. Can't wait to have him pulling a cart lol.

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