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Pictures of LuLu's New Friend

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Pictures of MariBelle. She is with LuLu and Ethyl the donkey in one of the photos. They are getting to know each other. Lulu butts her if she gets to close. That will change I hope. It's amazing how animals react to loss of a mate. LuLu is sleeping on our deck away from the rest of the herd (llamas, donkey's) in the barn. I think she is hoping Julie will come around the corner, they always slept together. Her health is good, eating, drinking, no scours. Any ideas how long it will take before LuLu accepts MariBelle?


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Maribelle is adorable! How old is she? I imagine Lulu will easily take the "dominant" position and they will only spar for a short amount of time, but it really depends on the two does. I have 2 boer does that just can't work it out. It's great that Lulu is eating and behaving normally, if you grain feed then I would just watch them for a few feedings and make sure Lulu is not overly aggressive. Usually grazing & feeding together seems to bond them in my opinion! Throw a little white pine bough in there for them to share maybe?
Very cute! It can take a couple weeks.
Maribelle is a very pretty girl. It's hard to tell how long it will take Lulu to accept and move on from the loss of Julie. It won't take long to establish the herd hierarchy between Lulu and Maribell, but that isn't the same as accepting her and becoming friends.
cute :)
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