Pictures of the goats for your viewing pleasure

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Just a collection of pics cos I like lookin at em, and I thought you might like to, too.

    Little Red, one of my harness boys at the Vet open day I told you about. He was so so so so good, he had only been hitched once before the day, that was all. He had only pulled the empty cart, no one in it. Well he was so good I only took him one lap of the circuit before I was confident to put kids in the cart. And he was letting me harness and hitch and unharness and hitch without having to tie him up or have someone hold him, he was just standing there. He also worked longer than any of the other goats in one sitting, before he got tired, and he was NOT the fittest. SO proud of him! :greengrin: He will be 2 in January, and he is a FB Boer.


    Charlie (pulling) and Chaplin (tied at the back) my other two harness boys. They had worn the harness once, never been hitched to anything. Well, it only took a few laps before they were pulling people too! Chaplin was funny, I hitched him for the first time and I got Linda to sit in the cart, because I thought he was going to take off, so I wanted her to slow him down a bit. Well, he took two steps and promptly dropped, and just sat down in the shafts. Then he couldnt figure out how to stand up again. lol it was very funny. When he did get up Linda hopped out and he was so much happier, then she hopped back in after a lap and he was great. These boys have just turned one and they are a 2nd cross Boer with dairy influence. I raised them on the bottle from day 2 last year after mum died. I love them to bits!


    Okay, so these arent goats but a goat breeder I know does this ... he has red deer and he does performances all over Australia, 'Santa' arrives at shopping malls and schools etc in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. He travels for basically a month with 1 - 3 performances a day - travelling the whole time around the east of Australia. I am hoping to do the tour with him next year to help out, this year uni exams were in the road.

    Regal is the big boy on the right, he is about 20 yrs. Buddy is the younger bloke on the left, he is only 2 or 3 yrs.


    After Santa drove down the main street the deer were put in a pen inside the mall for a few hours, for people to look and pat.

    Regal tired from all the hard work


    Buddy perfectly relaxed

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    Sep 18, 2008
    so cute! loved the deer! I wish they would do something like that in Idaho! :)

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    That was very neat! I love Little Red, what an awesome harness goat! His color is really cool too. :)
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    those are really neat pictures...I enjoyed all of them...thank you for sharing with us.... :) :love:
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