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2 days ago our pig decided she wanted to see what was on the other side of her pallet home, using her powerful nose she pried a couple of boards loose an proceeded on her way to explore the tall grass growing around her. Unknown to her my son and I were nearby, we calmly walk up to her, she spy's us, the look on her face was "uh oh they are on to me!" she high tails it right back to her pallet home. Son and I mend pallet fence.
Yesterday, I am home, (by myself) I look out the window an what do I see???? Let me tell you, I saw that silly pig running around the triangle (3 dirt roads meet here so everyone calls it the triangle, lol) I think to myself "Oh boy now what?, I still am not walking correctly from my surgery, I certainly cannot run, If I go down there she could bolt in anydirection :hair: " I proceed out my front door calling her "Wilbur, here pig pig pig, Wilbur here pig pig pig" clapping my hands the whole time. wouldn't you know it that stupid (ok maybe not stupid) pig ran up to me like I was calling a dog then followed me back to her pallet home an walked right in :leap: . I again close her back in.
Hubby gets home, we need to go shopping for a couple hours, we gets back home, and there lays wilbur in the hay, in the barn next to the goats, OMG I am thinking what is up with this pig. again we try to round her up, she has other ideas, she is trying to open the goat pen door to get in with them :scratch: I told hubby, she thinks she is goat!.
anyways to end this long story (sorry :oops: ) we ended up putting her in the other pen next to the goats, she was still there this am so I figure she is happy there or still hasnt thought of a plan to escape yet LOL.
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