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Pigmy problems

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A year ago I bought a black pig yes goat named her black Betty, I bought her cause she was pregnant, she had triplets poor thing, i think she was breed with a boar goat, I was only able to save one, we call her baby jenny, it's been a year since she had the baby's and she seems to still have a lot of stomach bulging on each side, almost looks as is she is still bearing, unfortunaly I don't know what Blackbetty looked like before pregnacy, is this normal?
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a large belly usually means a good healthy she acting normal other wise?
Eating, drinking, pooping berries, peeing? bright eye and alert? inner lower eye lids bright pink to red?
It could also be hernia. We had a boer doe that did the same thing. Is the bulging the babies have "dropped"? Our poor doe looked like she was carrying a litter of a dozen or so and it didn't go away. We sold her at auction....see a lot go thru like that and they always go to slaughter
Yes she is acting normal. How do I treat rumen?
The rumen is her inner belly...its a vat that processes her food ..a good healthy rumen will be large due to the gasses it builds...goats relieve this gas through burps and passing, you will hear lots of grumbling and gurgling in a healthy nothing to fix : ) rumen is her left side, so it will be larger usually then the right but some carry it even...
here is a article that explains it with correct terms : )

as long as she is acting fine, I would assume good healthy rumen...if yu can post a pic for us to see we can help determine that...a shot from the back view and front view

Best wishes
I have does who have had multiples and their bellies are always wide. It's normal.

Get a photo if you can so we can see.
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