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Re: pilchick seminar

Well I wish I had taken better notes, the guy was incredibly informative as well as a hoot.
He mostly focused on the fact that how most wormers are ineffective (resistant) and if you live in an area where something works now, look out because the days are coming where they won't be.
How pasture rotation is a neccessity...which was a little confusing as he earlier explained how goats are not grazers but browsers.
Like many of you, he worms according to the goats condition NOT on a program designed to fit OUR schedule. Do fecal checks before and eyelid checks every 2 weeks.
Best times to worm are after a freeze, after it rains and right at partrition.
There are worms that are called ??? which have part of the word partrition in it...they hang out not doing much of anything until then.
Then they explode. So sorry cannot find my notes!!
He also explained the different classes of wormers...right now Cydectin is one of the few that are effective in most parts of the country. You need to check with your vet for your area.
Goats need to eat at chest height to consume as few parasites as possible.
Having chickens in your goat pen is not going to do much for parasite control.
He did a short talk on Dung Beetles. One thing they do is not only live off the manure or its contents but they also bury it! Many classes of wormers have killed off much of the Dung Beetle population.
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