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Please Critique My Wether

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He's 6months on wednesday, and i have a show in jan. And march. And would really love to know what i should do to improve him.


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trim the inside toes shorter than the outside toes to straighten his legs and bring them underneath him. thats both front and back.
After his picture was takenwe trimmed his toes, thank you
take another picture so that we can see what he looks like now.
I cant right now because he's at a dofferent location than i am, but i can post some later today
I have shown wethers for 5 years and help out students here if you would like any :)
Any adive would help, this is my first year showing
He looks really green and could use more muscle mass. Not sure what your feed program is, but I'd recommend feeding him a quality high protein show feed at 3-4% of his body weight or adding a protein supplement to what you're feeding now. Once he bulks up, start an exercise program. You're doing a good job for your first year and I commend you for asking questions and trying to learn. :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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