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Please help. Treating anemia with redcell.

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My doe that I posted about in the lungworm thread is not doing well this afternoon. She seems very tired, dull in the eyes, and uninterested in food. Temp is 103.3. I think she might be anemic and need treatment asap, but everywhere I look has different information on how to treat her. I have redcell, I do not have iron injectable. She has already received probios and 2cc B Complex Plus. She weighs 40 lbs.

Help please?
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Red Cell is 6cc per 100 lbs. I haven't used it much but if you do a search on here, you should find the frequency to give it initially.
I gave her 2.4 cc, which is the correct dose from what you posted. Poor girl.
I hope she gets better. I just lost a 7 month old doe to anemia.
I hope she gets better. I just lost a 7 month old doe to anemia.
If you don't mind me asking, do you know what caused it and how did you try treating it? I am just curious because I have not had to deal with this before and I have only had this goat a few days, so it isn't as easy to tell when she is off.
Worms, cocci, internal injury, lice, are the most common things that can cause anemia.
even some plants can cause anemia...Im sorry your doe is not doing well...when I treat for anemia to do 6 cc per 100# red cell..double day one then daily for a week then once a week until color returns
B 12 helps her rebuild her red blood can get that from a vet or find B complex PLUS which has enough 12 in it...High protien feed alfalfa and green leaves are important parts of giving her what she needs to rebuild the red blood cells...keeping her hydrated is important as take a long time to restore the red blood a few days her energy should improve, for now she will rest alot..took me two weeks to get one doe over that hump..she was very anemic..eye lids were white...she did well and isdoing great now.
I just ordered some iron injectable that should be here by Wednesday. It just set off alarm bells for me when her demeanor changed so rapidly. It's like a flip was switched, she is so dull and listless. I am so upset to see her like this, she is just the sweetest little thing.
Update: she is up! And eating leaves I cut for her! And drinking her electrolytes! I know fixing anemia is a long road, but she is looking so much better right now and not scouring. Fingers crossed she keeps improving from here.
Good job...she may have up and downs..just keep at it...give all the leaves she wants :D
That is wonderful to hear, keep up the good work :)
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