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Pneumonia- not an emergency-questions

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so, i am getting more experience but i still dont understand why i have a few kids get pneumonia every year. so far i havent had any have the quick version luckily.
so first doeling- she was born in feb, she had the green eye goop then started with coughing never got better so started her on nuflor. she was given shots for 6 days. this is her 8th day and so far so good. she is Leary of me though since i had to stab her so often.
second doeling- a bit younger of course she is the crazy doeling who is scared of everyone. she started with the green goop eyes then coughing and then started hacking so started her on nuflor. well the first two days i was able to catch her but now she is even more on to me then she was before. i have no idea how im going to catch her for 3-4 more days. i ended up having to catch her at night.
some of the does also have the green goop eyes and so do the kids but so far no one else is coughing. its oregon so it rains alot but the temp has been in the 40-60s. but the pollen is horrible right now so mabye the does have the green goop due to that.
i have been moving the does whos kids are past 8 weeks to pasture during the day and put back with the kids at night. not sure if that is stressing them out or what but having that many does in a small area was not good either. i cant keep kids out on pasture since the fence isnt dog proof yet(field fencing not no climb horse fence like the paddock where the kids are now and i dont trust my dog at all with the kids.
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I'm guessing your climate. You may want to consider giving your adults the pneumonia vaccine and they should pass something on to the kids.
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i am considering this next season, i tried cdandt shipping and didnt want to spend a ton if it arrived warm. but it arrived cold enough so next time trying all and waiting until fall.
the second doeling i gave nuflor to 6 days. she still has a cough though should i just watch her to see if she gets worse again? she is the one that is hard to catch.nose and eyes look clear
You really want to do an antibiotic long enough that symptoms are gone. If she is still coughing, she could easily relapse. I use Draxxin and the vet has always had me give 2 shots for a 14 day coverage.
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o i thought it was up to 7 days and i couldnt catch her for nothing on the 7th day.
i just have nuflor .i didnt want to stress her out more. first time i was able to grab her, second time i grabbed her eating her moms grain, third time she had her head inthe feeder then after that it took forever to catch her, 6th day i waited until dark to get her.each time i go slow and just kind of stay so she cant run when she figures out im close trying not to scare her. her siblings were all super friendly... i used the vick smelling stuff for animals but more ended up on me then on the goat. she does love toltrazuril so that is a plus.
I vaccinate my kids at the same time as their Firt cdt. Booster is also with the second cdt. My adults are also vaccinated. Haven’t battled pneumonia since then. I use pnh1. When getting vaccines shipped I always opt for one day shipping- Jeffers packs with cold packs and I’ve never had a problem with warm vaccines.
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