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they are so pretty. We used of have white crested black polosh bantams. They were sooo friednly. Its funny cause even as chicks they have a little fluffy "hat" on top of their head. We had two hends jackie came first, my mom named her jacky because as a chick she thought her hat looked like jackie kennedys hat. We got caroline after that. we named her caroline because it just went along with jackie.
Is that a buff laced that i see on your farm as well. Have always wanted a buff laced polish.
We don;t have chickens anymore becasue the neighborsdog keeps killing them. Animal control is a joke around here. They told us we need to catch and photograph the dog in the act. if i owned a gun the dog would be dead by now. The people always just shrug their shoulders when i bring it up.
arg some people irritate me. ok thanks for lettiung me vent.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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