pondering a question about browsing......hhhmmmm?

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by cdtrum, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Ok.....I am sure this has been talked about here before, just can't find it.......sooooooo, you hear of people buying goats to clear their land, but how do they keep them from eating plants that could make them ill? I know that these ranchers and farmers are not walking 100's of acres making sure there is no harmful plants. Do goats know what they can eat? I have several acres of untilled land and woods here that I would love to let my guys roam, but we are so afraid of them eating something that could make them ill or worse yet, kill them.
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    I know a goat herder...that has thousands of goats for land management...he is hired to do the job and they eat....I know he doesn't check every plant... cause he can't.... he hasn't lost alot due to bad plants...so... I assume... they know what not to touch ....
    If a goat isn't starving ...they shouldn't eat a plant... that they in fact know... will harm them.... :wink:

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    they usually eat around teh stuff thats poisonous but not always. I had a doe eat mountain laurel while out browsing and there was tons of stuff to eat otherwise. I also have found that if they havent been out in a hwile they just grab mouthfuls of whatever they see first but after being let out to browse more and more often they get more picky and choosy and tend to stay awayfrom the harmful stuff.