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Once again I turn to those here for information and advice, you all have helped so much. I have three of my does that have been in with a young buck since Sept 22nd, two I suspect are pregnant and one that I haven't a clue by looking at her. I didn't think of taking not bred pictures before I put the girls in with the buck. The first two are of Pippy, I think she is mainly due to her radical attitude change. She's gone from Queen and continually proving it, to la la la laaaaaa laaaaa, oh there is a people, la la. The next three shots are of Ivy, she is the one I simply can not even guess. The last two are of Blanca, we saw the buck mounting her about a week after we brought him in, so I think she is pregnant.
Thank you for looking



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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