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    Jan 14, 2010
    Jane Lew, WV
    Hello everybody,
    I am very new to the goat world, and also to the chatroom world. Hopefully I am doing this all correctly. The reason I am writing is in the last sevral months I have purchased 3 Nubian does and 1 very handsome Nubian buck. The does were bred, and if they took, one would be due the end of feburary and the other 2 the middle of April. I have read that the pooch test is a fairly accurate way to tell if a doe is pregnant. Unfortunately I am not real sure what I am looking at. All 3 of my girls look the same back there, but I don't have any unbred does to compare them with. I was hoping, if I could post a picture or 2 someone might be able to help me. Well I don't seem to be able to upload my pictures they are to big, but I could email them if someone could look for me.
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    Ok it took me a while to learn how to upload pictures. One easy way is to go to Photobucket.com Create a free profile, upload them to there. Next you go to each picture and hit edit, and resize them to I think the middle size. Once you do that then you get back on to the goat spot transfer the photos using the img. area under each picture to the place you write a message on here when you make a post. I feel like I am being confusing while I am typeing this but I hope you get the gist of things.