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This morning I had the vet out to do rabies and herd testing. When listening to my doe rose's heart she seemed concerned. She asked if she was slower than the others. I told her she wasn't and she actually is my most rambunctious one. Her heart rate was 60 and she had to try and draw blood 3 times because her blood pressure was so low. She said she didn't hear any irregularities but also said it may be the lowest heart rate she has ever seen in a goat.
I asked if there was anything I should/could be doing and if I should reconsider breeding her in the fall. She said there could be a risk breeding her because it could put a strain on her heart or there could be an underlying issue. but because she looked perfect otherwise she said to just keep an eye on her.
I messaged her old owners to let them know because I know they owned her sister Incase it was something genetic. they said they were really surprised because she had a full health certification done last year and passed without issue. she also came from a reputable breeder who is pretty well known around here. I do plan on having another vet out just to get a 2nd opinion and look into the issue further.
I obviously won't breed her if she's got an issue, I don't want her passing anything on, or risk loosing her.
I just reached out to a vet that was recommended to me to have them check her out as well. In the meantime, has anyone had any experience with this?
Someone just said 60 isn't THAT low and to not been too worried so I'm sure what to think. She so sweet and such a beautiful doe, it will be such a shame if I can't breed her but I'm just praying everything works out even if she just ends up as a companion goat.

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she's the white one in the picture :)

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When a goat is super docile and love everyone, their heart rate will be slower when the goat is calm.

When a goat is scared, excited, or been running, the heart rate will increase.

Most animals do not like a stranger touching them, resulting in a panic mode increasing heart rate.

But this goat may be a calm super sweet goat.

Rechecking it may be wise.

Cute goats you have there. :)
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