Possible mastitis - treatments?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Ques-Que-Ce, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Jun 8, 2018
    Have a doe that kidded two days ago - a single kid - and she has so much milk I'm afraid she may get mastitis. Milking her out a little but wonder how else to treat her. Hot packing, change in feed or ? She's getting pelleted goat chow, loose minerals, grass hay and some alfalfa. Help!
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  2. Lindan

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    Aug 19, 2018
    I had a doe get mastitis in one teat a week ago.
    I milk it out completely once a day, and massage in peppermint/coconut oil mixture to increase blood flow to the area.
    She's more or less dried up on that side, she's still producing milk but only just enough for her babies on that side.
    They get more than enough from the other teat though, plus 1 liter for me.
    Yesterday she tested negative for mastitis again, but I probably don't have to milk that side at all until next freshening, or at least no much since her babies are taking care of it for me.

  3. Lindan

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    Aug 19, 2018
    As long as you keep a good hygiene protocol while milking, that should also minimise the risk of mastitis.
  4. mariarose

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    Yes, milk her out completely. Not a little bit, but completely.
    Don't worry, she'll make more for the kid.
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