Possible paralysis??

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    I have a coming 4 year old Boer doe, who as a yearling contracted meningeal worms and was paralyzed for 8 weeks. She survived and has gone on to be an amazing producer even with a back end that is under muscled and has a noticeable hitch. We just got out of a massive cold snap, wind chills of -30, and 3 days ago I found her down in the pasture. She was dehydrated and hungry and we moved her to the barn and put her under lights with feed that no one else could steal from her. She is sternal and eating/pooping very well. The issue is that her legs don’t seem to work and we can’t get her up and moving. Is it possible that the trauma from the cold has caused issues or a possible recurrence? What are the odds of getting her back to using her legs? What should we be doing for her??
    Thank you!
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    Wow, I’m no expert by any means but I can make some basic recommendations.
    First, if you have a good goat vet to vet school near you, please get a hold of them. This is serious.
    Hydrate, Using warm ginger tea with honey and turmeric.
    I would give high doses of vitamin b complex, and if her temperature had stabilized then maybe some banamine if she was cold and wet she’s probably got Pain as well as swelling around her spine, nerve endings from shivering and trying to move from the pasture and couldn’t.
    You can try excising her legs for her, goats loose muscle mass and tone so quickly. Put a heating pad on her back to keep the muscles loose.
    Keep her warm and comfortable but I personally would get a vet involved.
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    Are her legs just weak or non functioning? If you put your hand on her hoof..pushing upward is there resistance? Could she stand with help and support? I agree, A vet assessment would be wise. Banamine would be good for inflammation as long as her temp is good

    Having nerve damage and muscle loss from her fight with MW would make her more vulnerable to the elements I would think. Definitely need B complex and I would do PT with her to get her back up and going.
    Work her back legs for her by pushing up and around, like she's riding a bike;) . Add pressure to the bottom of her hoof.
    Once she is able to get her feet under her, use a large towel like a sling to support her and help her walk. Make sure the towel is open from back legs to behind front legs nice and wide. Lift all 4 corners to steady her. Do this as often as she can manage resting between rounds
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    I would contact a vet right away.

    Is she pregnant or just had kids by any chance?
    Preg toxemia, milk fever if she is pregnant or just had kids.
    Ketone levels.
    If not, she may be reinfected by m worm or has injury.

    Could be many things so cannot guess. A vet needs to see her.
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    She is under the care of our vet, who while not necessarily a goat vet is the closest thing we have to one and is fairly knowledgeable, I’m just looking for other opinions so I can help him with her :)
    She is not pregnant and hasn’t kidded out since last spring.
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