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    Feb 23, 2009
    Hi Guys! I logged in here when Princess Grace Nelly first joined our family, and you guys gave some great advice. I'm back again with more questions. A little background, so you know what little I know. :)

    She is a a dairy breed mix, about 2 years old. When we got her all we knew is that she was supposedly being kept with a male goat and that she was a bit underweight....supposedly the male goat with her was keeping her from food and she was in a pen, not pasture. Now she eats a couple of cups of 10% sweet feed (Nutrena Sweet Stuff, though she mostly picks out the corn & grain, leacing the pelleted part)and about four "handfuls" of Goats Treats (purchased from TSC) a day, and she lives in a 2 acre pasture with all manner of grass and weeds...ok, mostly weeds. :idea: About 3 weeks ago she had a pretty bad case of diarreaha, and appeared rather dehydrated (very sunken in). We seperated her into a stall and gave electrolytes. The morning I was going to try to find a vet for her, she recovered completely. FYI around the same time that she got the diarrreha and got dehydrated, I took my horse away over night for a camping trip. She was confined to her stall (with hay/food/water) the whole time, really only about 18 hours. We are thinking stress of the horse being gone could have caused it, thought to be honest, whenever I ride I put her in her stall and she does not freak out when we leave. She also has a potbelly pig with her at all times.

    I dewormed her with Ivermectin paste last week.

    Anyhoo, she is really filling out nicely now. 'Course we don't know if that is just because she is gaining weight or if she might be with Kid. :)

    Her "bag" does not look any different than before, she definitely does not look like some goats I have seen when they were about to pop. So how soon before birth do their bags fill?

    Also, I believe I read somewhere about a pregnancy test you can send away for. Does anyone have that info handy? If she is actually preggers I want to be sure we do right by her when the time comes.

    Thanks so much for all your help, this is a great board!
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    I am just going to throw this out real quick cause I have 30 screaming goats that I know are ticking the neighbors off for not feeding them yet - but for pregger tests - www.biotrack.com

    I will write more in a few :thumb:

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    Oct 4, 2007
    When did you purchase your doe? That will help with a timeline for possible due date.

    do you have any pictures of her rear? we need the tail up ;)

    Does can start to bag up as early as 2 months before kidding or as late as right before kidding with the average filling up 1 month before kidding.