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possibly sick New mom

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We have a boer doe that kidded on December 23rd. Flawless birth, great milk, healthy twins ( aside from one with cloudy eyes, treating for vitamin a deficiency). I wormed the doe the day after kidding, and everything was going good. The next day, the mom was pooping firm, but county, like dog or sometimes cow patties. I wrote it off for stress of kidding and the wormer. Today, not only has her poop not changed, but her udders are hard. Warm, not hot, but definitely hard. She is nursing, and enough, but the quantity, and quality are definitely down. She also acts a little off, almost depressed. Still a good watchful mom. We are on a regular worming schedule, she has free choice minerals, and we start probiotics 2 weeks before due date. Never had any problems with this one, just kind of stumped. Oh, and no temperature... any suggestions? Am I dealing with mastitis or is it a side effect of just being sick?? Thanks in advance.
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How is her eating? chewing a cud? grinding teeth?
hard udder could be congestion, sometimes when the milk comes in it can be more than the babies can drink...massage her udder with a balm..I like coconut oil with peppermint ess. oil...warm compresses, massage milk, warm compresses, massage knead milk...see if you can get her some relief...B complex is an amazing vitamin support...4 -5 cc per 100#...keep an eye on her temp,
Is your area Selenium def? If so BoSe or Selenium Vit e gel will help...She may need some calcium as well..some use Tums 9 real tums not other brands) or a calcium drench..
Probiotics could help firm her poop back up...

Keep an eye on sure they are getting enough
First, congrats on your new kids!
Are you asking what normal temp is? Range is in the 102.s
If udder is getting hard you will need to help her. Get hot wash cloths & a little peppermint oil and knead that udder vigorously to break up any clots.
Is she drinking plenty water?? How is hay intake?
Appetite is still good, but not great, and we haven't changed her diet any, she gets a large flake of alfalfa in the morning, then free choice coastal throughout the day with grain at night. I started massaging today, not much change. I will give her the b complex, every time I have ever given it I have done it orally, will that work? I am worried that it could be mastitis, but the only other time I have dealt with that it was bad from the beginning. This doe had good milk then went hard. I'm about to go take temp again, but it was good this morning. Thank you all for your help. I like to think I know what I'm doing, but when you are stumped you're stumped...
Oh, and no selenium deficiency here.
I would go out several times a day and use bag balm or peppermint oil and massage and milk. I agree with the others that she could have congestion. You need to work on that so it doesn't turn into mastitis.
B complex should be given Sub Q...much is lost given oral...
Yeah, I figured as much, after I asked I decided to go ahead and give the shot. After massaging she seems to have perked up some and is making more milk for sure. Will keep working at it. Thanks for the help
good job..I had a few freshen hard last can take some time to get them right...massaging as many times a day as you can and milking her out will help her feel tons better...Keep her hydrated as well..

best wishes
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