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Posting photos from first B. packing trip.

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Hi Everyone! I need some help with posting photos; we took our two 6m. old goats into the wilderness for two nights and
three days and have some fun photos. I'd like to shard them but there seems to be some issue with the size of the photos. I'd appreciate any advice.
Our goats did great and we were very surprised at how easy it was. This is great!!
I'll check for replys...
Thank you,
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Hi Brighteyes, congratulations on your first successful trip, and may you have many more in your future!

I usually just reduce my photo sizes by trial and error, until the website "accepts" them. Usually, that means reducing them to 50% of their original size, using my photo editing software. I hope that makes sense. I then publish them under the "Pack Goat Stories" Topic.

Looking forward to seeing your photos, good luck!
You can use the "Paint" program to reduce photo size by using the Stretch and Skew option.


You can click on your photos while in their folder, once you click on a photo a bar should show up just above the photos with an option to email the photo. Click on email, then an option to select a new size comes up. Selecting medium will likely reduce the size enough. Then Email them to yourself and save the new smaller photo. Then try to share the smaller photo.

Remember when reducing photos for sharing to give them a new name so your original high resolution photo is not lost.

Hope this helps!
Most questions are covered in the Frequently Asked Section (FAQ) at the top right. Here is a link to adding pictures and the size limitations. faq.php#f33
Thanks everyone; just when I think I know some little thing I find out how much I don't know. I'll take some time tomorrow
and see what I can do. I'd like to share our hike-it was such fun!!

I'd like to shard them but there seems to be some issue with the size of the photos. I :lol::lol:
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