Potential Doe Purchases. What do you think? Need opinions!

Discussion in 'Mini Mania' started by firelight27, Apr 11, 2010.

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    So I've found some does that I really like from their photos. Trouble is, I'm not the most amazing conformation judge at this point. These guys are registered, and I'm looking for something I can show lightly. At this point, it would be just as a hobby, but I still want something that is not going to get me laughed out of the pen, will do decent, and can produce nice kids. ANYWHOO...Lol. These aren't the best photos, but here are two I am looking at. Hopefully you can tell me something about them. She also has a few more, but I liked these the best. They are about a 4 hour drive from me, so I want to be pretty sure before I go up there next weekend.

    First one:

    From what I can tell, she is both long and deep bodied, and has a long neck and refined face. Its so hard to say what her topline really is since she has her head down, is turned a bit, and has her feet together. I think her rump could be more level...do you think its too steep? I was thinking that since she looks a little twisted sideways and her feet are under her rather than out behind her a little, in a proper stance, that it looks steep than it would be. Once she set her legs back the rump should become more level, correct? I really like the looks of her.

    Second one:
    I like this girl too... I worry about the dip behind her withers. Is that too much? It seems like the "ideal doe" drawing in the instructional materials I have also has a minimal dip behind the withers before blending into a straight back. Her legs are definitely are forward, underneath her, so I'm sure her rump is more level than in this photo as well. I like her length of neck and she seems uphill....??

    I am most definitely getting this guy (buck). He is in Northern Cali. What do you think of him? I adore this guy.

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    Re: Potential Doe Purchases. What do you think? Need opinion

    Nice looking goats there. Now I would say I really do like the buck, but I would look at his legs as he is standing. In the picture his left hind leg looks like it is turned pretty bad, not that could totally be the picture or just the way he was standing. I can not really tell anything until I look at them head on and at the butt end. But saying that I do like the body of both him and the second doe. As for the first one, It is to hard for me to really see her.

    I am sure you will not go wrong on any of them. :) :wink: