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Poultry and Goats

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Hi everyone:) I have a big goat yard with my goats in it and I was wondering if I put chickens and duck s in there with them if it will make my goats sick. Thanks in advance:)
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I did and never again!!! They all got along great and they even slept together but the chickens pooped all over every thing. They pooped in the food bowls, in the water buckets, on the fences. It was a mess.
Yeah so I think it would be better to just usemthe chicken yard and the duck yard lol
Mine do fine together. I have a wading pool for the poultry, and a taller trough for the goats. The poultry don't usually bother the goats' water (until the ducks splash all the water out of the wading pool - I have to keep an eye out for that!) The poultry sometimes sit and/or lay eggs in the hay rack, but I haven't had a big problem with poop in it. Also you have to feed them separately. Otherwise, if you have enough space they should do just fine. I think it's more space efficient to keep them together, because they have different diet needs and will get more out of the land.
They could become sick if their food and/or water gets pooped up. I would build a separate pen for them for sure.
I prefer mine separate as well. I love my poultry, but man, they poop everywhere!
I have two stalls that open into one fenced in run. The ducks go in the goat stall sometimes to play in their hay, but I close the duck stall so the goats can't go in. At night they are separated but during the day they all seem fine together. 3 pekin ducks and 4 NDs
I don't mind them sharing a pasture but don't like them sharing living quarters.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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