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Do you guys know a round about price on finding out if a goat is pregnant? And how they do it?
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Blood testing is $6.50 and send the blood in 30 days after breeding. (normally you see a heat 21 days after the first heat and if they are bred, there will be no next heat, and if they are open, they will come in heat again.)
Blood can be sent to Biotracking.
Or your vet can do an ultra sound. I have no clue how much they are now, but 15 years ago it cost me $25 for a shot of lutalyse, a shot of cystorelin and an ultra sound.
Sorry I'm new to this but what are those shots for?
The shots werent for the doe getting the ultra sound, but that $25 was for the 2 shots and an ultrasound back then.
But Lutalyse is to bring a doe in heat, induce labor, or terminate an accident breeding. Cystorelin is used on does with cystic ovaries so they can drop eggs again, or to help insure the doe has a fertile heat.
We have sonagrams done for free by our vet. If you aren't quite as lucky, a blood test would probably be more affordable. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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