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I bought these two ND does from my cousin...
They were in with a ND buck until the middle of may. We were questioning if the young buck had managed to breed any of the does he was with since he never acted Bucky... But low and behold one of the does had a tiny little moon spotted doeling about a month ago, so he managed to romance one of the girls for sure.
The one doe is about four, has kidded a few times, and is quite plump. I am leaning towards bred. The other little gal is 1.5 and has never been with a buck until this little fella. I will have to try and get some better pictures of her hiney. Jeannie(the older gal) looks like her bag is maybe starting to swell a little. I have noticed for never being bred Rubies teats are bigger than I had expected them to be. But I just can't decide if she is bred or not... Any thoughts?! :)
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