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So ladys what did being pregnant chance about your farm life? Short or long term.

I've really got to brag on my hubby because for me it's been more like pregnancy and lack of goat herding, or doing much of anything. This is my first one and I don't have too much longer to go at 32 weeks (start of the 8th month. I felt pretty crummy at the start, spent our kidding season on the couch with a bucket handy. DH got to help one of our girls kid. He said it felt gross but he was proud of him self. Lol. I did get to play with the kids some in the spring, and walked often with some of our dogs, then the heat kept me indoors. And I've tried to keep up with my yoga.
I really enjoy cooking, but I've hardly spent any time in the kitchen. Too much heat, and too tired.
Even though I've felt pretty icky, had enough heartburn to last a lifetime, and been oh so very tired I've enjoyed it. I'm super excited to be a mom! And even though my husband or another family member has had to do nearly everything around here they are enjoying it too... At this point I feel so lazy tho. I can unload the dishwasher then I have to lay down. I'm so glad everyone has been so willing to help, but at the same time I really wish I felt up to doing more my self. I guess I'll more then make up for it when I go into labor, and raising our little girl. Lol. And I think my husband and I adore each other even more then we did before hand. He has always been a helpful man, but to watch him do all the things he has been doing with a smile on his face makes me love and respect him even more.
I just had to share
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