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Is there tall fescue grass in your pature or area? I've been told that this grass does something to pregnant does and makes their usterus lax and they don't push effectively. I've a friend who had some does on tall fescue one year and we had to pull a lot of kids, they simply didn't push effectively and the contractions of the uterus appeared weak. It was very strange. I'd have my hand in a doe, I mean, ALL the way in and she would just stand or lay there, totally relaxed and NOT pushing against my hand. This mead the pulls easy in terms of getting mal-presented kids in the right places as I didn't have to fight those hard pushing contractions as is common, but the kids were not going to come out on their own. Very few of her does actually kidded on their own that year.

The next year they all kidded fine, I don't think they had any pulls at all that year. They have not been back to that rented pasture since.

I'd induce as soon as you know it is safe to do so, the pictocin will likely stimulate more effective contractions and rasberry leaves help but could cause early labor, so be careful with them now when she is not due until march.

Can you give good dates? I'm pretty sure you know exactly when she was bred so the vet should know when 145 days is.

Also, watch her feed and weight. Don't start socking it to her with the concentrates, all you will be doing is growing larger kids. Loki was an 11 pound kid with legs that went all the way to his ears. He did, however, have a very pretty presentation and delivery.

Also, and I figure it might matter, my bucks tend to throw kids that go a few days post 150. They are often born at day 153 or even 155. So you might want to induce at day 148.

Charlie Goggin
Lightfoot Packgoats
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